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Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy...yes it's true, its sugar and flavouring, but what isn't true is that it's the same no matter where you buy it.  At Candyflossland, we strive on that perfect mix of flavour and colour and we don't forget about packaging.  We give you options, many, many options and if we don't have what will work, we find what will.

We specialize in both traditional and exotic flavours and combine it with vibrant colour.  When you purchase our cotton candy, the aroma will travel thru out your home or venue and will put a smile on your face as that of your guests.

We are continually adding flavours and colours and we don't just leave you on deciding what would work best for you, we assist you on choosing just the right product and different options you can incorporate  cotton candy in, not to mention all our candy and chocolate options.

Ready? Want some? Give us a call and get the party started!


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