Dubble Bubble 12 Ball Assorted Tube

Concord Confections


Candy doesn’t have to make sense. It isn’t bound by logic or reason. It is the way it is because it’s fun.

That’s why Dubble Bubble has never evened out the assortment in their classic twelve-piece tubes of fruit-flavored gumballs. They still include 3 yellows, 3 oranges, 2 blues, 2 greens, and 2 reds in every pack, just like you remember.

Would it make more sense to have two sets of six flavors, or four sets of three, or six sets of two, just to even things out?   Yes. But these are gumballs we’re talking about; they’re meant for fun, not arithmetic.

Share a pack of colorful Dubble Bubble gumballs today, and stop trying to make sense of everything.

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