Tesla's Tall Twist Pops Pink



Why do we call this giant lollipop a Twister Pop? Is it because the strawberry-flavored delicacy winds around its stick like a tornado of fantastic, fruity flavor? Or maybe because of the manner in which the pink and white whirls spiral down like a candy staircase in a mansion of lollipop awesomeness? Either way, we love the way these giant, foot-and-a-half tall lollipops work to add extra height in our rosiest of candy buffets just as much as we adore the way the juicy flavors burst forth with each lick! Part decoration, part delicacy, 100% perfect party material.

Sucker Specifications-
Net Weight: 3 Ounces
Candy Length: 10 Inches
Total Length: 18 Inches
Flavor: Strawberry


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