Rock Candy On A Stick Assorted

Dryden & Palmer


Each case contains 6 1/2" 120 Rock Candy Sticks 

Flavors: Grape (purple), Strawberry (red), Cherry (pink), Cotton Candy (light blue), Watermelon (light green), Blue Raspberry (blue), Black (black cherry), Berry (mauve), Root Beer (brown), Bubblegum (light pink), Lemon (yellow), Lime (green), Orange

Assorted Case contains the following:

18 - Grape (purple)
18 - Strawberry (red)
18 - Cherry (pink)
18 - Cotton Candy (light blue)
18 - Watermelon (light green)
18 - Blue Raspberry (blue)
12 - Natural (white)

*Due to natural coloring processes, coloring may vary 
*Packaging may vary

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